We’re Passionate About Tasting the World

We Believe

Food is one of the key ways you experience a place when traveling.

We Believe

A meal abroad should do much more than just satisfy your hunger.

We Believe

Taking a food tour is one of the best ways to discover a local cuisine.

And We Believe

Organized group food tours aren’t for everyone.

Our Story


The seeds for Touramisu were planted in 2013, on a cold November morning in Florence, Italy. Our founder, Laura, was rushing to meet a local tour guide when a gust of wind turned her umbrella inside out. Freezing sleet stung her cheeks. It was a miserable morning. The kind that made her wish she could crawl back into the warm bed she’d left behind at the Hotel Bernini Palace. Her enthusiasm for the food tour she’d booked had turned as damp as her shoes.

Those seeds continued to grow:

  • When planning a solo trip to Lisbon, and struggling to find a food tour company that ran tours in the winter.
  • On the scorching streets of a Mexican resort town, with a tour guide who refused to walk on the shady side of the street.
  • In Barcelona, looking for a tapas tour that cost less than €100.
  • While listening to a blah tour guide in Venice who was more interested in politics and history than gastronomy.
  • And as part of a sizeable group tour in Edinburgh’s Old Town, where it was impossible not to look like a tourist.

Though she loved the concept, traditional food tours weren’t working for her. Especially since she was an independent globetrotter who liked to travel off-season.

That’s when Laura decided to create her own food tours.

Before visiting a new city, she started spending an enormous amount of time studying the local cuisine. She’d read every book she could get her hands on, scour the internet, and message all her foodie friends. She’d even write to tourism and destination marketing offices. Her goal? To find the best bakeries, street food stands, markets, gourmet shops, restaurants, and wineries in the city. To make sense of all that research, she’d create lists and spreadsheets and Trello boards and maps. Then, when she arrived at her destination, she was ready to set out and explore. On her own schedule.

She’d taste everything that looked good and order seconds if she felt like it. She’d talk to the shop owners. Listen to their stories. And she’d take tons of candid, in-the-moment iPhone photos.

We know what you’re thinking: “That sounds like a lot of work!

You’re right. It is.

Creating a killer custom itinerary is a lot of work.

And that’s where Touramisu comes in. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

Laura’s DIY food tours became our prototype. But rather than just recreate them, we decided to build a more comprehensive product, a fully self-guided food tour with everything you need to explore a local cuisine.

  • Using only your smartphone or tablet.
  • At your own time and pace.
  • Without being dependent on a guide or group.

Because we believe freedom and flexibility are important when it comes to exploring the world.



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