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…plunging your spoon into decadent layers of mascarpone and coffee-drenched biscuits on a cobbled lamplit street, moments after indulging in a thick slab of pizza al taglio piled sky high with marinated Roman artichokes…

Earlier that day, you were a coin toss away from the magical Trevi Fountain, licking melting scoops of Marsala-infused gelato, after savoring paper-thin slices of prosciutto in one of Rome’s vibrant salumerias.

Sound like your cup of cappuccino? Then become a Touramisu Insider. We’re the greatest self-guided food tour you’ll take (without the boring guide). Instead of the overcrowded flock, awkward conversations, and overpriced samples, we’ll escort you to gastronomical hotspots using only your tablet or smartphone.

Our DIY food walking tours are super easy to buy. Simply purchase your desired tour, download the route, and, over the next 3 to 4 hours, we’ll take you to the best eats in the city.

  • Be seduced by fat, juicy würstels served piping hot from a food truck in Vienna.
  • Blow your taste buds away with smoked haddock drenched in malt vinegar in a market in Dublin.
  • Discover the magic of squid ink risotto in a canal-side restaurant in Venice.
  • Drink and eat yourself silly at a wine and tapas tasting in Barcelona.
  • Savour your first Kobe beef Japadog in the bustling west coast seaport of Vancouver.
  • Fall in love with poutine, a messy pile of fries, gravy, and cheese curds, in beautiful Quebec City.
  • Bliss out over a pistachio éclair in a patisserie in Paris.

Founded by Laura Goyer, a Certified Culinary Travel Professional (CCTP), Touramisu is the way of the future, revolutionizing the way we experience food travel and culture.

Whether you’re in the middle of a North America adventure on a shoestring budget or planning an extravagant eating experience in one of Europe’s ancient cities, Touramisu knows all the haunts, from street food stands to chocolatiers.

And get this: you only need to pay and download your selected tour once, with no further internet access required. Perfect for when you’re wandering quaint villages with low connectivity, or exploring unique pit stops without wifi.

What’s the Touramisu difference?

  • Instant access to the most incredible foodie walking tours via your smartphone or tablet. We guide you to all the haunts until your belly is full and you’ve had a bona fide gastro experience!
  • Massive savings! No more money or time wasting. The bigger your group, the bigger the savings. Pay a one-time download fee and the whole posse can use the program!
  • No set times, the itinerary is managed by you. Stroll along casually or fit a tour into your busy schedule.
  • Off-the-beaten-track food the guidebooks don’t even tell you about!
  • No cancellation fees or hidden costs.
  • Eat as much or as little as you like, no pressure whatsoever. Pay the vendors directly.
  • Easily adapts to vegetarian and gluten-free diets.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you take a Touramisu tour and aren’t delighted.

What’s more, Touramisu teams with charities around the globe to help fight famine. A portion of the profits from every ROMAN HOLIDAY tour is donated to the One Acre Fund to help end poverty and hunger.

So how do you shop and download our flagship tour in the heart of Rome? Simple. Just CLICK HERE.

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We have plenty of new food tour locations popping up in the near future. Stay tuned as we bring you more exciting destinations to explore and savor…



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